Alocasia 'Boa'

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Alocasia 'Boa' is a rare species similar to lauterbachiana. This Alocasia possesses long, green, rippled (serated) leaves with striped stems. With the potential to grow upwards of 5' in height this plant is a fun Aroid to add to your collection!

Typically as one leaf grows, one will drop. This is very common with Alocasia. They like bright to medium light, to dry out in between watering, and for their leaves to be misted. Alocasia can sometimes struggle with pests like spider mites, so it's important to check the leaves and keep them moist. We grow Alocasia 'Boa' in our Aroid soil mix.

Shown here in a 6" nursery pot. May be potted down for shipping.