Potting Services

Let Us Make the Mess

Bring your plants in and let us make the mess. We have a variety of services to fit your needs and can accommodate most project sizes.

Here's what you'll be charged for:

Repot fee
$1.50 per inch - based on the diameter of the opening of the planter. So basically if your pot is 10" wide it will be 10 x 1.50 = $15.00 for the re-pot fee.

We charge per quart of soil used to repot your plant. See our soil by the quart pricing below.

Drainage holes
Brought a planter from home without drainage? No worries, we'll drill some holes for you for $1 per hole. (The Victorian and our employees are not held liable for planters damaged during the drilling process).

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Soil Pricing


Tropical 1 | $3.00/qt
Tropical 2 | $3.00/qt
Tropical 3 | $3.75/qt

Succulent 1 | $3.00/qt
Succulent 2 | $3.00/qt
Succulent 3 | $3.75/qt

As always, if you buy a plant and a planter from us we waive the repot fee the day you purchase.

Our team works very hard to make sure your project leaves looking its best, tips are appreciated!


If you have an active infestation of pests on your plants, such as spider mites, mealy bugs, scale, aphids, etc, we will not be able to take care of your project in the shop. Our team is happy to walk you through how to treat your plants at home, but we ask that you check your plants for pests beforehand and if you’re not sure give us a call and we can walk you through it!