Founded by Libby Hockenberry and Cary Smith

Growing up I was always surrounded by plants both indoors and out. My parents always had a working vegetable garden where I learned the importance of plant and garden care. I remember weekends pulling up potatoes (even when I had friends stay over), pulling weeds in the garden and also tending to the indoor pothos plants my mom had littered all over the house. When I moved away to college, my mom sent me off with a pothos cutting and a spider plant, and from there my plant obsession grew. Cary and I now have over 150 plants in our home. We opened our shop so we could share our love of plants with the Atlanta community and offer everyone a little more green for their spaces and for their lives.


At The Victorian Atlanta, we strive to provide education about plants, tips for care and rare plants that are potted in our quality handmade soil blends. We aim to inspire others to learn about the plants they have and find the confidence to build on their green collections. Come see us and let us help you find the perfect plant for your space!