Welcome to The Victorian Atlanta, a creative plant shop where we believe that plants and people belong together.

We opened The Victorian Atlanta in 2017 to bring you an curated selection of tropical and desert plants, beautiful quality planters, and fun accessories. Here you'll find a variety of unique and hard-to-find house plants to enrich your space. You can also count on us for all of the plant tips you need to feel confident about caring for your new plants.


We founded The Victorian Atlanta because we were inspired to create the kind of shop that Atlanta was missing: a plant shop offering not-so-common plants along with the indoor staples that everyone knows and loves, plus handmade pottery from both local Atlanta artists as well as artists from around the country.

Libby has a background in floral design industry, an art degree, and a creative passion for all things floral and botanical. She grew up in a home where plants were always prevalent, and working in the garden was a weekly activity.

Cary is a talented photographer with a degree in photography, and he has grown to love plants alongside Libby. He collects all types of desert plants and loves pairing them with pottery. Cary curates our entire desert selection for both shops, and his eye truly helps separate our selection from any other plant shop.


The Victorian Atlanta started inside Ponce City Market in 2017, where we later opened our own storefront in 2020. Whether you're looking for your first plant or adding to your growing collection, we've got you covered at our PCM location.

Coffee and plants are meant to go together. When we established our second location in 2021, we knew it was time to bring coffee into the mix. Our friends at Bellwood Coffee, another local Atlanta business, were the perfect partner for our East Atlanta location. Stop by to snag a cup of coffee and browse our extensive plant and planter selection!



Biophilia is an intrinsic feeling that all humans have to connect with other living things. We personally are very driven by biophilia in our lives everyday—we've always surrounded ourselves with plants, which calms and grounds us.

When you visit us at The Victorian Atlanta, you'll notice that the air feels fresher and the space feels happier and more calming. We can't wait for you to take a piece of the magic home with you.

"My love for plants definitely started at an early age and is something that has grown into my career, which is incredible. I love empowering and inspiring others to incorporate more green into their daily lives."

–Libby, Co-Founder


We offer potting services at both of our locations. For larger potting projects, book an appointment and we'll come to you!

Pest problems? Give us a call, and our team will be happy to walk you through how to treat your plants at home.



At The Victorian Atlanta, we strive to provide education about plants, tips for care, and rare plants that are potted in our quality handmade soil blends. We aim to inspire others to learn about the plants they have and find the confidence to build on their green collections. Let us help you find the perfect plant for your space!