The term "biophilia" comes from the Greek word "Philia" ("love of") and means "a love of life and other living things." At The Victorian Atlanta, our mission to help you bring plants into your home—and keep them healthy—is driven by the idea that house plants don't just look good, they make you feel good, too.

As humans we have a physiological need to be in contact with other humans and other forms of life. When plants are added into a space it improves so many things. Studies have shown that moods are boosted, energy levels improve, oxygen levels are increased, and overall job performance is better with plants around.


Many architects are beginning to appreciate biophilic design and have begun incorporating these elements into modern buildings: maximizing daylight, bringing in natural elements, installing larger windows so folks can have more views of nature, and more. This new movement shows a shift toward reducing stress and anxiety in shared spaces, which you can also apply to your own home.


"For me personally, being surrounded by nature and green plants makes me feel calm. When I enter a space that is completely void of life, the energy in the room feels off. I personally love design that focuses on the concept of biophilia and is plant forward—architecture, interior design, landscaping, etc. It's something that makes me happy and something I want to share with our customers."
—Libby, Co-Founder of The Victorian Atlanta


The most common thing we hear when customers walk in our doors is how clean the air feels or how amazing it smells. We live in a big city where pure nature is taken away from us to build parking decks and strip malls. When someone walks into our shop, which is filled with nature and living things, it instantly calms them. It's easy to feel the difference that the plants are providing in our space.


"I love the fact that having plants in our home makes us slow down to care for them and appreciate them. Each time a new leaf pops out or something blooms in our greenhouse, we feel joy. The routine of caring for our plants is something I appreciate. I also love going into buildings and areas that really play up biophilic design—it truly makes you feel happy and a sense of calm."
—Cary, Co-Founder of The Victorian Atlanta


Like most rewarding pursuits, plant care takes time. Plants are living things just like us, so when we bring them home we have to take the time to give them the amount of care they need. For first-time plant owners who aren't used to incorporating plant care into their routine, we have a great selection of low-maintenance plants to ease you into plant care.