by Kelley Bowen


A genus of the family Araceae. Native to tropical and subtropical Asia and Eastern Australia

Light requirements

Indoors, give Alocasia bright but indirect light. Too much direct sun can cause the leaves of the plant to burn. Because of where they grow in their natural habitat, on the floor of the forest beneath the tree canopy, avoid placing your Alocasia in a location where it will receive too much direct sunlight. Alocasias are not tolerant of low light conditions so be sure to place in a bright spot.


Alocasia prefer to dry out completely in between watering but grow best in a humid environment. Be sure not to place next to a vent and if your home is fairly dry mist the leaves every now and then. Try using a pebble tray to up the humidity around your plant!

Pet Friendly



Alocasias are fairly susceptible to spider mites so be sure to inspect the top and undersides of the leaves often and wipe them clean to prevent pest issues from occurring.

Soil Type

Aroid Soil. Alocasias prefer a chunky soil with good drainage that will dry out fairly quickly.

Fun Fact

There are around 90 accepted species of Alocasia but growers around the world cultivate a wide range of hybrids and cultivars. Most Alocasias that are sold for indoor growing are hybrids and are loved because of their beautiful leave shape and pattern!