Sansevieria ehrenbergii "Samurai"
The Victorian Atlanta

Sansevieria ehrenbergii "Samurai"

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Believed to have originated in Africa, this short, slow growing, hard to find plant is a real treasure. Recently, Sansevieria has been re-classified as Dracaena, but we still can't wrap our brains around that so (for the sake of ease and care) we'll say Sansevieria 'Samurai'. You can grow this plant in high to low light. If you grow it in low light it will grow slowly, if at all, and in high light less slowly and can live and thrive for decades. A true desert species, 'Samurai' can take the whole spectrum of light and is tough as nails.  We recommend not watering this plant until it is bone dry and putting it in a well draining soil mix, like our succulent soil.

Plant shown in a 4" nursery pot.