Disocactus anguliger "Fishbone Cactus"
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Disocactus anguliger "Fishbone Cactus"

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"Fishbone" or "Ric Rac" cactus is an exotic jungle cactus that originates in the humid tropical rainforests of Mexico. Because they grow in these humid environments, they prefer to grow in a similar fashion inside. Bright sunlight is still necessary for jungle cacti but be mindful of putting it in very hot all day sun because it might have the tendency to burn your plant. Instead of long periods of droughts, like most true desert cacti, this plant can be watered as soon as it's bone dry. Disocactus anguliger can be potted in our succulent soil or cactus mix, depending on how much sunlight is available.

Plant shown in 4" nursery pot. May be shipped bare root.